Gel Scar Therapy Patch

Gel Scar Therapy Patch

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1) Tear the scar on the aluminum bag.

2) according to the size of the scar, cut a piece of shape to use, if the scar can be used for a larger number of sheets at the same time paste, but the edge must be aligned.

3) carefully peeled off the back of the plastic film, there will be sticky side of a clean scar attached to the scar in the joints can also be closely attached to the sticky and extensibility is not easy to fall off, but in sleep or large amount of exercise available thin Of the elastic roll or tape fixed.

4) In order to adapt to the skin, the beginning of a few days can be posted 4-8 hours a day, after a day can gradually increase until 24 hours paste.

 5) found that viscous decreased significantly after the replacement of the new patch.

 6) Each course of treatment for two months, severe scars need to continue to apply from three months to six months.


1, a very small number of people have allergic reactions to silicone gel, there itching or mild dipping occurs, should be suspended.

2, surgical wounds to be stitches before use (stitches within a week after use, can improve the use of results)

3, during use, because the skin is not clean or stretched too tight, individuals will be skin rash, so be sure to clean the paste before using the site of the skin surface.

4, the product can be used repeatedly, paste glue surface can be washed with warm water, dry can continue to use until the adhesive surface loss of viscosity (limited to one person to use)



  1. Clean the used gel sheet twice with a mild soap and warm water.
  2. Rinse thoroughly and dry.
  3. When gel sheet begins to wear out or difficult to clean replace with new one.
  4. The exchange period can be faster when apply to the part that there is a lot of friction.



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