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Chain Plate Grinding Disk - 50% OFF!

Chain Plate Grinding Disk - 50% OFF!

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Quickly carve, sculpt, and cut wood with this versatile carving disc!

Use this 22 tooth carving disc and your 4 in. or 4-1/2 in. grinder to quickly remove stock and shape wood. The disc quickly cuts, sculpts and shapes wood.
  • Teeth are easily sharpened with 5/32-inch round file
  • Fits most 4" (100mm), 4-1/2" (115mm) and European 125mm disc/angle grinders
  • Cuts the hardest woods in any direction
  • Great for mass removal of wood
  • Sculpts, channels, hollows, and cuts curves


The disc should always be operated with the safety guard properly adjusted to your grinder.

Please keep in mind that you must always exercise caution when operating any power tool. The biggest danger is complacency and lack of attention to the work. You must always be alert and aware that the blades may travel between 10,000 - 11,000 rpm at three times the speed of a chainsaw with twice as many teeth. Used correctly, there’s nothing better or faster on the planet!