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Did lockdown leave you with several extra pounds? Not much time to go to the gym and get ready to wear your bikini again? Let's face it. Working out is undoubtedly the best way to get in shape and lose that extra pounds, but what if you could burn fat and shape your body twice as fast?

Let us introduce you the SweatVelte™, the revolutionary waist slimming trimmer that helps you burn double the fat with less exercise.

SweatFit™Adjustable Waist Slimming Trimmer


Get a slender waist faster and easier!

During your workout, the SweatVelte™ tones your waist and abdomen through consistent high body temperature, which translates into burning calories and losing weight at a faster rate.

Thanks to its Latex-Free Neoprene and spandex that breathes and moves with you, the SweatVelte™ will conform to your curves for a perfect fit with ultimate comfort. With medium compression, it helps to create a slimmer, sleeker silhouette underneath your clothing, even if you haven’t met your dietary goals!


Buy today and get 70% OFF!


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This is how you will achieve an hourglass figure.

Eliminate toxins. Speed-up the calories burning process. Keep your muscles warm and supported. Prevent post-workout fatigue and injuries. The unique steel bone design of the SweatVelte™ will provide you with all these benefits.

SweatVelte™ is made of 100% latex-free stretchy neoprene fabric, which means it is easy to clean, fits your body, and will not pitch or irritate your skin. It has a double hook-and-loop adjustment for sizing accuracy and mesh backing for breathability during hot sauna or other fitness activities.

Wearing the SweatVelte™ will provide you with extra back support, improving your posture immediately. It also tightens loose skin and banishes cellulite. 

After using our waist trimmer for a couple of weeks, you will experience your waistlines shrinking. As the waist becomes smaller, the body appears more hourglass and shapely!

The moment you put on your SweatVelte™ Waist Trainer, you notice a 1-3 inch reduction in your waistline! Great for wearing under a tight dress for a fantastic figure!

SweatVelte™ will provide you with the following benefits: 

  • Offers you immediate slimming effect.

  • Accelerates your caloric burn and metabolism. 

  • Provides you with a confident posture and firmer body.

  • Tightens loose skin and banishes cellulite.

  • Perfect for postpartum period.

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Stop suffering from those impossible diets and exhausting workouts! 

Do not let anything ruin your return to the beaches this summer.


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